• SOFREP writer and SAS veteran Phil Champion has a new documentary out from the time he spent on the ground with the YPG in Syria

    A former SAS soldier has told Sky News the war against Islamic State is unwinnable as things stand, after gaining rare access to Kurdish fighters on the frontline of the battle against the terrorist group. Phil Campion filmed for Sky in northern Syria and Iraq with both the YPG and Kurdish Peshmerga. He observed their war against a well-equipped and… – Sky News

  • USA air drops pallets of ammunition to the YPG in Syria

    The US military has delivered more than 45 tonnes of ammunition to rebels fighting the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in north-eastern Syria. C-17 transport aircraft, accompanied by fighter escorts, dropped pallets of supplies overnight in… – BBC News

  • Egyptian news anchor broadcasts clips from a video game, thinking it is an example of Russian military prowess in Syria

    Controversial Egyptian television anchor Ahmed Moussa is known to throw caution — and sometimes facts — to the wind. To the amusement of his many critics online, his latest on-air misstep was no exception. – The Washington Post

  • Hipsters mistaken for ISIS and reported to the police

    GRÄNNA Police responded to a call on Saturday about a terrorists gathering at the Brahe house. When they got there they instead had a good laugh when it turned out to be a beard club “The Bearded Villains” gathered there to be photographed. – JP.se

  • Could decentralized autonomous organizations be a threat to national security? Read a novel called “Daemon” and let us know!

    A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), fully automated business entity (FAB), or distributed autonomous corporation/company (DAC) is a decentralized network of narrow-AI autonomous agents which perform an output-maximizing production function and which divides its labor into computationally intractable tasks (which it incentivizes humans to do) and tasks which it performs itself. – Wikipedia

[Featured image: Kurdish militia fighters, backed by Arab rebels, have driven IS from large parts of northern Syria, Credits AFP]