• Russia and Iran agree on plan for Syria

    Iran’s supreme leader has praised Moscow’s regional role — particularly in Syria — as “effective” during a meeting with the Russian president in Tehran on November 23. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also criticized U.S. policies as a threat to both Iran and Russia, saying that Washington has a “long-term plan” to dominate Syria and the whole region. – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

  • Five reasons why ground troops in Syria will not work

    Despite numerous atrocities committed by the radical jihadist group ISIS, the American public strongly opposes a return of U.S. troops to the area where the group claims to have established an Islamic caliphate. A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted during the weekend after attacks in Paris found that 76% of Americans do not want U.S. ground forces sent to fight ISIS, and 65% don’t even want small special operations units to conduct limited missions. Many respondents want to see the current bombing campaign intensified or more aid given to local forces battling the extremists, but there isn’t much enthusiasm for the kind of ground campaign Jeb Bush advocated this week at the Citadel. – Forbes

  • Turkish interference with PKK hurts war against ISIS

    Unperturbed by the Turkish fighter jets flying over the mountain where he sat, a top Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader said the conflict between his group and Ankara was undermining efforts to counter Islamic State. Cemil Bayik said the PKK and its Syrian affiliate had proven the most effective of the forces arrayed against the ultra-hardline militants and were key to the U.S.-led campaign to “degrade and destroy” them. But the breakdown of a peace process between Turkey and Ankara is hampering that effort, the most senior PKK figure at large and one of Turkey’s most wanted men told Reuters. – Reuters

  • Creature of the CIA: New Syrian Army

    YouTube Channel – Bokamale Free

  • Turkey shoots down Russian warplane

    Turkey says it has shot down a Russian-made warplane on the Syrian border for violating Turkish airspace. Two Turkish officials told Al Jazeera the plane was shot down on Tuesday by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement. Reports said the plane crashed in Syrian territory in Latakia’s Yamadi village. A Turkish military statement said the plane violated Turkish airspace in Hatay province and was warned “10 times in five minutes”. – Al Jazeera

[Featured image: Russian President Putin (L), Iranian supreme leader Khamenei (R) meet in Tehran, Iran, 23 November 2015 | EPA photo]