Americans Urged to Evacuate Haiti

The US Department of State has issued a warning urging American citizens to evacuate Haiti amid escalating gang violence that has swept across the island nation.

Last week, a wave of gang assaults targeted several state facilities, including prisons, over fifty police precincts, and the international airport, leading to widespread chaos.

This surge in violence has brought the nation to a standstill, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency by the Haitian government.

On its website, the US Embassy in Haiti advises Americans to “keep abreast of local news and acquire information regarding security conditions from commercial transport services, and to depart from Haiti as soon as the security situation and commercial transport options allow.”

Departing the country, however, presents significant challenges. With the temporary closure of Haiti’s airport after a gang attempt to take it over, options are limited.

Today, March 16th, the US Embassy in Haiti warns on their website:

“The security situation in Haiti is unpredictable and dangerous.  Travel within Haiti is conducted at your own risk.  The U.S. government cannot guarantee your safety traveling to airports, borders, or during any onward travel.  You should consider your personal security situation before traveling anywhere in Haiti. Only attempt to depart Haiti or travel within Haiti if you believe it is safe for you to do so.” 

So, if you are an American in Haiti, our government is saying you are basically SOL (Situationally Out of Luck) if you are counting on them. Their advice is, “Be prepared to shelter in place for an extended period of time.” All is not lost, however, there are groups of Americans that do not believe in leaving our own behind in a violent third world banana republic on the verge of anarchy. I’ll get to that in a minute.