The United Nations Security Council is poised to take a critical step in addressing the escalating crisis in Haiti.

On Monday, a vote is scheduled on a resolution that could authorize a one-year deployment of an international force to help Haiti combat the surge in gang violence and restore security, ultimately paving the way for long-delayed elections in the troubled Caribbean nation.

Obtained by The Associated Press on Saturday, the US-drafted resolution extends a warm welcome to Kenya, which has offered to lead the multinational security force.

The proposed force would operate independently of the UN and rely on voluntary contributions for funding. The authorization for the deployment would span one year, with a mandatory review after nine months.

Boosting Haiti’s Police Force

The primary objective of this international force would be to provide operational support to Haiti’s National Police, an underfunded and under-resourced institution with only approximately 10,000 active officers serving a population of over 11 million.

According to reports, the resolution outlines the force’s role in enhancing the capacity of the local police through collaborative security support operations aimed at countering gangs and improving overall security conditions in Haiti.