The conversation went something like this,

“Hey Sean, it’s Brandon. Listen,  I’d like you to take over as editor-in-chief in two weeks, okay?”

I felt this icy stab in the pit of my stomach, I had been invited a few months earlier to write for the site again and I was happily doing so, pushing out three or four articles a week and glad to see the readership responding favorably to what I was writing, but this? This was not in my plans.

“Brandon,” I said quietly, “I’m grateful for the offer but I’m not really qualified for the job, there are guys here longer than me that might want that job, you really should ask them first.”

Brandon didn’t pause even for a moment before he said, “You’re the right person for the job and you care.” Brandon then proceeded to tell me all the reasons I would do the job well. I’ll spare you the details of my vast gifts and talents except to say that he wasn’t working me over with idle flattery, he had given this some thought.

So, I managed to talk him out of making me editor-in-chief right away and give me a few months to settle into the job as managing editor working under his guidance until I felt ready to take the wheel of the ship and steer a course. I’m not sure I’m entirely ready yet, but here I am anyway, editor-in-chief as of September 1.

The company was founded by Brandon Webb in 2011 with Jack Murphy taking over as editor-in-chief soon after. The first post I can recall for the site goes back to December 21, 2011. It was an information piece on the Army Rangers.

SOFREP was started as a kind of information clearinghouse for news about Special Operations Forces that the Legacy Media often gets wrong (a Navy SEAL is a Sailor, not a Soldier), and I had a front-row seat, kinda.