The SOFREP Mini Crate Club operates a little differently than most other subscription based gear clubs. The question we get asked a-lot is ‘what type of gear do you get each month?’ We have done a previous article highlighting what has been sent out in the first quarter this year to give you an idea of the type of gear. Each month is a surprise as to what you’re going to get. All you need to know is that the gear guys behind the scenes are working to get you the best piece of gear for what you pay each month.

For the month of August the item is a folding knife by Gerber. More specifically the Gerber Evo. The Gerber Evo is a lightweight folder that disappears in your pocket. The knife does have a deep carry pocket clip, but I personally prefer to just drop it in my pocket. By carrying a concealed fixed blade and then dropping the Evo into my pocket gives me a great low-vis option. Due to the extreme lightweight of the Evo and it’s slim design, it sits nice inside the pocket.


The blade has a nice clean profile and should be easy to hone and sharpen. There is some confusion with the type of steel used, so I’m not going to get into that debate here. From what I can tell it’s a teflon coated stainless steel blade. I will tell you this; I carried a Gerber folding knife during my active duty days in the Marine Corps and never had an issue with the integrity of the blade steel or keeping it sharp. The bottom line is, if you take care of your gear it will take care of you.