When the guys over at SOFREP decided to launch the mini crate club I was excited. Here’s how it works. I selected the club I wanted to join (mini crate in this case), picked my payment method, and now I sit back and receive a piece of gear each month. In total SOFREP has four different clubs: Premium Crate (this one is currently sold out), Mini Crate, Kids Crate, and Book Crate. For more info on each crate club click here.

So, like everyone else that joined the mini crate club I waited with eager anticipation. Then we received this letter.

The first project is a “Go Bag” (Google if you don’t know) designed by yours truly. I’m a minimalist at heart, so this one will be lean and mean. The items will ship monthly, and over the next 10 months we’ll build up your kit for you. Because the foundation of a good “Go Bag”, is the container system, and that is typically expensive, we are asking you to buy your own bag.

I personally recommend the Patagonia Black Hole 25 and have purchased this for myself over the weekend. I’m a fan of multi-functionality. This bag is rugged, has a lifetime guarantee (not that you need it with quality product; think Tommy Boy here…), and is pretty much as waterproof as you need it.

For those who want to rough it? One of the items can serve as your container as well, you’ll have to wait and see.

What’s the first item? Well, it’s a surprise…

Please don’t forget to share your kit on our Facebook page. We plan on having some giveaways for this too.

Thank you,