Today’s “Pic of the Day” looks like it could be straight out of the original Star Wars movie.  Paint it all white (or gold), throw in some beeps and boops, and it would fit right in. This sucker, though, is far more deadly than R2-D2 or C-3PO ever could be.  Meet the “Gibka” Russian missile turret. Come to think of it, “Gibka” is a name that would have fit right into the original Star Wars films.

As I was researching this, one guy noted, “Hey, that looks just like the drone out of Oblivion. I looked it up, and holy crap, it sure does.

A drone from the 2013 Tom Cruise film Oblivion.


A Weapons Brief on the Gibka Russian Missile Turret

The Gibka (also spelled “Gibka-S”) is a Russian missile system. It is a short-range air defense system that is typically mounted on a variety of vehicle platforms. The system is designed to engage low-flying targets such as helicopters, drones, and low-flying aircraft using infrared-guided missiles.


Key characteristics of the Gibka system include:

  1. Mobility: The system is usually mounted on light and maneuverable vehicles, allowing for quick deployment and relocation.
  2. Missiles: It commonly employs the Igla or Verba man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) missiles.
  3. Targeting and Engagement: The system uses infrared homing for targeting, making it effective against low-altitude threats. Its ability to quickly acquire and engage targets is a significant advantage in fast-paced combat scenarios.
  4. Modularity and Integration: The Gibka system can be integrated with various vehicle platforms and is part of a larger network of air defense assets, enhancing its operational flexibility.
  5. Operational Use: It’s typically used to protect military formations and key assets against air threats in combat zones.

The Gibka system represents the Russian approach to mobile, short-range air defense, emphasizing speed, ease of deployment, and effectiveness against modern aerial threats.