A Creative Use of Resources

Norway has recently donated Mistral man portable air defense systems (MANPADS) to Ukraine. This includes at least 100 missiles and an unspecified number of launchers. To make these air defense systems mobile, the Ukrainians are marrying them with an undisclosed number of Fiat Fullback 4×4 pickup trucks donated to them by the Come Back Alive Foundations. Innovation at work.

Image and text courtesy of Twitter and @CiroNappi6

Come Back Alive

Founded by IT specialist Vitaliy Deyneg in 2014, the Come Back Alive foundation is a crowdfunded organization in Ukraine that started out of necessity shortly after Russia seized Crimea. It has no official ties to the government of Ukraine. Initially, they began supporting the Ukrainian armed forces by gathering the money necessary to obtain and deliver supplies and technologies as varied as bulletproof vests and thermal optics.

By delivering the pickup trucks, the organization intends to promote the implementation of “mobile fire groups” after equipping them with trained operators and French-made MANPADS. This will give the Ukrainians yet another weapon in their ever-increasing arsenal to limit any aerial threats posed by the Russian invaders.

The following statement appears on their site: