Good Morning! This is the only day this post will pear past 5am. From here on out the workouts will post the night before the workout. I’ll monitor the comments section to answer questions about the workout during the day.

The next three weeks will focus on body weight strength training and endurance work. There will be some weight training metabolic events. This week I’ll post links to the cheapest Ruck Suck I can find and post Boot reviews for the coming training ruck marches.

I will post alternative options to gym-based events and additional training for those preparing for selection.

Today’s Workout:


Row 500m – Record Time or jog 1 mile or fartlek 1 mile.


  1. Max Push-ups in 60 seconds, record time
  2. Max Lunges (in place) in 60 seconds, record time
  3. Max Dips in 60 seconds, record time (women: Triangle push-ups)
  4. Max Pull-ups in 60 seconds, record time
  5. Max Sit-ups in 60 seconds, record time
  6. 10 sets on the minute every minute for 10 minutes (10 rounds every minute): Work to finish each iteration in 30-40 seconds.
    1. 3 x Power Clean @95 lbs. (men) 65 lbs. (women)
    2. 3 x Box Jumps (high enough to be challenging, low enough to avoid possible injury. Whatever is comfortable)
    3. 3 x Burpees
  7. Alternatives to (6): Row 10 minutes, Run (hard) 2 miles, Bike (hard) for 30 minutes, or 10 minute fartlek –  sprint every minute for 30 seconds as hard as you can.
  8. Selection Training: Run 5 miles, record time