One of the top items to have on your person for personal protection is a knife. Whether that is a folding knife or fixed blade, carry one. After some training and trial & error I personally prefer to carry a concealable fixed blade.

SOG Gambit | Concealable Personal Protection Weapon
SOG Gambit secured in the included sheath.

The SOG Gambit is first and foremost a fixed blade. The blade design is a hybrid sheep’s foot and karambit style. I’ve carried karambit knives in the past, but they never lended themselves to everyday tasks well due to the extreme curve/profile of the blade. The SOG Gambit was purposely designed to have multiple uses; not just personal protection. The sheeps foot profile allows the SOG Gambit to be used for personal protection, daily utility tasks and in the outdoors.

You can obviously see the karambit design infused into the SOG Gambit which make it ideal for personal protection. The Karambit is designed as a close quarters weapon and is easily concealable. Due to the method of deployment in a reverse grip, this is very difficult to see in the hands of the person carrying it, giving you the element of surprise. The threat should feel the knife before they see the knife. The karambit design also allows you to retain the distance of your striking arm since the blade is held within your clenched fist; just imagine boxing with this blade in your hand. The results would be devastating.

Common targets on the human body (using a karambit) include the eyes, testicles, carotid artery, chest, biceps, forearms and wrists. Strike any one of these target points with the karambit and you’ll shut down the threat quickly creating a space for you to escape.