A good folding blade is an absolute necessity in life. Sure many people get by without one, but not gracefully. There are many folding knives on the market today. For most people a cheap folding knife may suffice. For those of us who require more of their knives, or who want one which will last, the search for a good folding knife is a never-ending pursuit. Enter the SOG Kiku.

I’ve not been overly impressed with SOG in the past. Some of their knives were good, others mediocre in quality. When I received the SOG Kiku to review I was sure I would be getting a mediocre folding knife. How wrong I was. The SOG Kiku came in attractive boxing and was packaged well. Once opened I was surprised at once with the weight, grip and blade itself. The SOG Kiku was designed by both SOG and one of the most famous Japanese blade grinder’s around Kiku Matsuda. The SOG Kiku is a 4.6 inch assisted opening folding blade which features a micarta handle.

SOG Kiku folding knife | First Impressions

One thing that immediately struck me about the SOG Kiku was the blade steel. The heart of the SOG Kiku is VG10 stainless steel. VG10 is an excellent stainless steel that is incredibly hard, which makes it easy to give the blade a razor-thin edge. The knife has a tanto point which depending on what you do either works or doesn’t. I personally don’t mind them for field work. And find that the tip doesn’t break as often compared to some other knife points.