Our readers know that The Loadout Room writers are big fans of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools. We’re constantly using their knives, tomahawks and multi-tools in the field and reviewing their products. Many of us have carried their equipment while serving in the military as well. I was one of the few that had not. While speaking with SOG’s PR person, it became known that I carried a Leatherman tool while serving at 2nd Ranger Battalion. Let’s just say it didn’t take long after that conversation for a SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool to show up at my doorstep. Although the Leatherman served me well, it was growing a little long in the tooth and was in need of replacement anyhow.

SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool: Review

Rich in features, the SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool remains compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Fitted with a whopping 18 on board tools, this multi-tool also includes a 13 piece hex bit kit. The back side of the pliers incorporate a 1/4″ hex bit driver that magnetically holds any 1/4 driver bit. This feature alone pushes the SOG Powerplay well beyond what I’ve been accustomed to. Additionally, the various blades, drivers and openers that swing out of either handle securely lock in place. No more inadvertent tool closings resulting in an injured finger. Finally, the Powerplay includes a black nylon sheath that houses both the multi-tool as well as the hex bit kit.

SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool: Review
Just another day at the range

I’ve never been a fan of blades with both serrated and unserrated portions. Fortunately, SOG was generous enough to offer both a traditional knife blade as well as a serrated blade. While digging through the multi-tool checking out the various drivers, I had to laugh when I came across a tiny flat head driver thinking I’d never in a million years need that. Fast forward 3 weeks and I’m fixing my son’s prescription glasses with that very tool. Go figure. I may never need it again but it was there when I did need it.

If you’ve ever had a multi-tool abruptly slip off whatever you’re pulling on, it’s because you have “girly grip”. Now, those suffering from “girly grip” can overcome this with the SOG Powerplay. A major feature that separates the Powerplay from its other multi-tool competitors are the plier hinges themselves. The hinge for these pliers use compound leverage and gears to achieve a 2:1 power ratio. Apply 50lbs of grip force, get 100lbsof clamping force at the pliers. Simple as that. And no offense to those girls with exceptional grip.

SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool: Review
2:1 Compound leverage gears

Throughout the summer, the SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool has either been attached to my backpack that I use for long range shooting or in my pistol range bag. And almost every time at one range or another, it makes an appearance. Adjusting scopes, tightening scope rings, clearing malfunctions, etc. Of course I’m referring to fixing and tightening other shooters equipment, not mine. My shit’s wired tight.

SOG Powerplay video courtesy of sogknives.com

SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool features:

  • 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver
  • 3-Sided File
  • AWL
  • Bolt Grip Channel
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Full Serrated Blade
  • Hex Bit Kit
  • Jewelry Driver
  • Large Flat Screwdriver
  • Medium Flat Screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Small Flat Screwdriver
  • Straight Edge Blade
  • Wire Crimper
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wood Saw
  • MSRP $89

Final thoughts: The overall construction as well as the ergonomics of this multi-tool are of typical SOG high quality. I’m very appreciative that SOG thought I needed an upgrade and I now see why. Although I no longer carry a multi-tool daily, I plan to keep the SOG Powerplay in my shooting loadout as it’s proven handy at the range on many occasions. I did have a little difficulty getting the tools out from one of the two handles. Since the hinge uses a torx bit, I was able to loosen it slightly and rectify the issue. If anyone is in need of an upgrade or looking for a great gift idea, The SOG Powerplay Multi-Tool can be purchased for $89 here and as always, is covered by SOG’s lifetime warranty.