The great team at SOG has recently released a new line of packs designed to meet the various needs of the end user. These packs range from the smallest scout model all the way up to expedition grade, which is what we’ll be looking at now. The Seraphim 35 is the do-it-all pack that you can’t afford to leave home without on those long adventures.

I’ll go ahead and say that this pack left me with one hell of a first impression. The amount of features in this thing is astonishing and makes it one of my favorite packs for long treks through the wilderness. I won’t say that it’s over-engineered, but I will guarantee you’ll have a hard time trying to find things this pack isn’t capable of doing. I was still finding features that I didn’t know existed on the pack long after I came home.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

Before getting into the detailed features, it’s easier to start with the big ones. This pack is fully hydration ready and can hold any standard bladder up to two liters. It’s stored in the main compartment and gives you access to the hose on the outside, which is standard practice. Also, you won’t find yourself lacking gear placement options, as it has more than enough MOLLE fields on the interior and exterior. The last of the main features is the material, which is a Kodra 500D nylon coated in polyurethane for water resistance.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.