The great team at SOG has recently released a new line of packs designed to meet the various needs of the end user. These packs range from the smallest scout model all the way up to expedition grade, which is what we’ll be looking at now. The Seraphim 35 is the do-it-all pack that you can’t afford to leave home without on those long adventures.

I’ll go ahead and say that this pack left me with one hell of a first impression. The amount of features in this thing is astonishing and makes it one of my favorite packs for long treks through the wilderness. I won’t say that it’s over-engineered, but I will guarantee you’ll have a hard time trying to find things this pack isn’t capable of doing. I was still finding features that I didn’t know existed on the pack long after I came home.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

Before getting into the detailed features, it’s easier to start with the big ones. This pack is fully hydration ready and can hold any standard bladder up to two liters. It’s stored in the main compartment and gives you access to the hose on the outside, which is standard practice. Also, you won’t find yourself lacking gear placement options, as it has more than enough MOLLE fields on the interior and exterior. The last of the main features is the material, which is a Kodra 500D nylon coated in polyurethane for water resistance.

One of the first things you’ll notice immediately is the unique impact resistant shell on the top of the bag. It uses a closed cell EVA foam to provide a rigid compartment to protect your fragile items and sunglasses. In this compartment are pockets for small tools and a soft pocket for things like cameras and phones.

Under the top shell is the main compartment, which provides 35 liters of space. The main compartment can be accessed very quickly with quad zippers, which have large pulls and can be used with thick gloves on. You can access the main compartment from either side of the bag or pull down from the top to expose the entire compartment.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

Inside the compartment is where you’ll find an entire webbing and loop field for extra gear storage on the inside. Behind the field is an internal laptop sleeve, with another storage area behind that one to carry your hydration bladder. A unique feature is the quick release daisy chain loop system. This daisy chain of loops can be used to store gear deep inside the pack, such as a medical kit, and can be ripped straight out of the bag without rearranging the main contents.

On the inside of the main compartment flap are three netted storage pockets. At the top of the flap is a storage pouch that is designed for your wallet, documents, or keys. A red lanyard inside this pouch can be used to secure your keys so you don’t lose them.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

Moving to the outside of the pack, you’ll find even more features on the front. A strong Hypalon material makes up the MOLLE webbing on the outside for more gear storage on the external flap. The flap can be unbuckled at the shoulders and folded down, revealing two lashing points with buckles, ideal for carrying a long gun, fishing rods, or paddles. When folded down, the external compression flap features a storage pouch for items or can be used to store longer items such as the butt of your rifle for extra protection. On either side of the bag are three rows of webbing lash points.

In the closed position, the external flap features two sets of shock cord tie downs and braided steel retention loops. If you carry an axe, these steel loops can be wrapped around the head of the axe with the shock cords securing the handle, but the combination of tie downs is only limited to your imagination. There are easily a variety of ways and methods you could use to secure items to the outside of the pack with no problem at all.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

On the back of the pack you have padded quick release shoulder straps with adjustable load stabilizers and a padded hip belt, all of which can be stowed away. The sternum strap uses a plastic buckle that has a whistle built in on one side as well as hooks on either side for your hydration hose. Small Hypalon “zinger” tabs on the shoulders can be used to carry small items that you’d need available to you while wearing the pack.

SOG Seraphim 35: The pack that does it all

A more in-depth look at the pack and all of the features is included in the video below. With the Seraphim 35, you can feel extremely confident in carrying every item you need on a long, rugged trip. This pack has earned my approval and I’ll be keeping it handy on my shelf for my next outdoor adventure. Available in black or gray, you can pick yours up from SOG for around $260, which I believe is worth every penny if you’re serious about how you carry your equipment.

Author- Rodney Pointer is a former Army Infantryman. After graduating from Airborne School, he was ruthlessly assigned to Fort Polk, Louisiana to live out his days as a dirty leg. He served with the 2nd BN, 30th Infantry of the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Following his deployment to Afghanistan, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Operations. He currently works as a nuclear security contractor

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.