A while ago I reviewed the SORD SCS that has been adopted by the Canadian Forces as the transitional vest until DND designs something else. While I still love my SCS and is a great system, I had the opportunity to get my hands on another cool SORD design which is their Chest Rig and Back Panel.

SORD Chest Rig and Back Panel

At first glance this is nothing different from the variety of ”rhodesian” type rigs available out there from companies such as Eagle Industries, TAG or LBT. While this may seem true, a closer look will unveil a few very nice upgrade from the usual rigs. But first off let’s get to the basics. The rig is built of 1000D cordura on the exterior while the interior and shoulder pads interior look more like a 400D soft packcloth to reduce possible chaffing from wearing. This alone is a great feature as it shaves some weight from the rig while augmenting the wearer’s comfort and of course keeping the exterior absolute bomb proof. SORD, like I’ve said earlier in my SCS review, has one of the best craftmanship out there. Their MOLLE channels are very constant and their stitching is built to hold up to anything you throw at it.

Now let’s start with the shoulder pads. While I’ve never used my old Eagle RRV for long period outside of some fun shooting, the thickness of the shoulder pads always bothered me when I used a day pack along with it. This point is something SORD understood well. They used just enough padding so the straps won’t dig into your shoulder while keeping them slim enough that you barely feel them under rucksack straps. In its most basic form, you can wear the front panel alone with crossed shoulder straps and a lower back strap. Pretty much like any other chest rig. When you throw on the back panel though, you get to use both side fastex clip for maximum support and snug fit. This is something I found lacking in the SCS is that you have a single strap on the side. The shoulder straps on the back panel also feature a cable routing sleeve for hydration tubes or comms.