Since Afghanistan, the Canadian Forces have been testing various replacements for their current issue assault vest. Our current vest can hold a grand total of 4 AR magazines, and barely has any modularity (except for the side pouches which can be changed). The problem is with the CF, it has used some sort of weird Velcro and tab system. This means we can choose between either a SAW pouch, or a canteen pouch.

With this being said, the current vest being tested is the Special Operation Research and Development SCS (SORD Classic System). The system consists of two back options, and three fronts. The backs are either a slim MOLLE-type panel (4 columns wide), while the other comes in various sizes and can facilitate a plate. The fronts are a regular type of chest-rig (called the DH) an assault-vest type (called the SCS LBV) and plate carrier type (called SCS Chest rig).

SCS worn on yours truly

The components are assembled together by Velcro on the shoulders, with an overlapping band for a more secure fit. Using this Velcro you can adjust the vest depending on the height of the user. Each setup closes on the sides via buckles. Each components feature some amount of padding, but I wish there was more. This is purely a personal preference, when worn over a body armor there is no problem at all.