Feet are as important to service members as their properly-sighted weapons. It is essential to the infantry as the fighter jets are to the airmen pilots. So, if the foot sucked at being a foot, you can bet it would affect your performance and possibly even turn for the worse if not treated right away. Like tanks, jets, and other armored vehicles, the feet of individual service members need to be inspected and maintained for potential damage and repair.

The long-enduring walking, standing, running, and rucking, combined with the rigid combat boots and dress shoes, make sore feet a common ailment in the military. In fact, and I’m sure you should know this by now if you’ve gone and graduated to basic training, Foot Care is among the most important mantra, especially for the Infantry MOS (Military occupation specialty), who heavily rely on their feet all day long. This is why perfectly-fitting boots and running shoes are a must and don’t forget to wear socks that would create a buffer.

Listed below are five basic tips on maintaining and keeping your feet in shape after long hours of strenuous activities.

#1 Good Personal Hygiene

This is common sense. Give your feet a good scrub using soap and water, and between your toes. Then, make sure to dry them thoroughly before putting on your socks and shoes to keep your feet from developing athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.