In a momentous achievement for South Korea’s indigenous defense industry, the Republic of Korea (ROK) Air Force has proudly announced that its fleet of domestically manufactured FA-50 light attack aircraft has collectively logged an impressive 100,000 accident-free flight hours. This significant milestone was reached last Thursday, October 5, and it stands as a testament to the reliability and performance of this advanced light combat aircraft.

ROK shared this achievement on its official Facebook page, celebrating the dedication and hard work of FA-50 pilots and mechanics who have contributed to this remarkable safety record. This accomplishment underlines the country’s growing prominence in the global aerospace industry.

The Path to 100,000 Accident-Free Flight Hours

The journey to this historic achievement began over a decade ago when South Korea introduced the FA-50 light attack aircraft.

Operated by both the 8th Fighter Wing in Wonju, located 87 kilometers southeast of Seoul, and the 16th Fighter Wing in Yecheon County, 161 kilometers to the southeast of the capital city, approximately 60 FA-50s have collectively covered an astonishing 55 million kilometers over the past decade.