BattlBox’s Southern Survival program on Netflix… what a tremendous surprise that show is.

I’ll confess upfront that having grown up in the midwest I am not well-coded for the Southern Redneck format, and caught myself rolling my eyes at the onset of the first episode. However, just shy of halfway through I found myself chuckling and then peeling off some full-caliber knee-slapping laughter. The show is a treasure and the cast a real gem. I only set out to watch two episodes, but stayed for all eight of season one and pouted when it was over.

The Badasses of BattlBox’s Southern Survival from left to right: Mr. Daniel, Mr. Steve, Ms. Mikki, Mr. Brandon.

The show is set in Georgia. These folks test out all measures of survival apparatus with live demonstrative scenarios that are very reasonable and realistic in most cases. In others, the scenarios are tongue-in-cheek though strictly for the entertainment value. Even at the end of those tongue-in-cheek scenarios you still have a demonstration and a complete product test. There is plenty of yee-hawing, high-fiving, smashing, breaking, burning, and pyrotechnics galore.

This small but effective device — the size of a thumb — proved to be the most effective in breaking out car window glass in the event of a fire or submersion in water. Both scenarios were demonstrated.

Daniel is, as I recognize him, the leader of the group who doles out assignments to the other three cast members who then carry them out. I think that Daniel serves in a necessary role as a sanity check for all pending operations.

Steve is a badass who gets beat up on a good bit like a crash test dummy for many of the scenarios. You can see him body-breaching doors, rolling cars, taking on the demo roles that required getting banged up a bit, though the brother is virtually indestructible.

Brandon is the group’s front-man, the main comedic relief with a bodacious beard and booming baritone Trace Adkins-like voice. He is the major personality of the group and whenever he appears on the screen you’d best get to grinning and stay that way. Joking aside I suspect that Brandon is a rather intelligent brother.

Ms. Mikki is the pretty face and the product specialist/procurement agent. She is like the Peterson in John Wayne’s movie The Green Berets. She knows what to find and where to find it — ask and ye shall receive! She also participates equally with the guys in support of demos and scenarios.