As the Russians surrendered more than 2,300 square miles to advancing in Ukraine, Kharkiv Oblast was left like a ghost town, reminiscing the hard times of war. However, there’s a silver lining in all of it; the Russians left massive stacks of munition and weaponry during their surrender.

Open-source tracker Oryx discovered that Soviet-era equipment was left on the border of Kharkiv, including T-80 variant tanks (dating back to the 1980s). Unfortunately, these T-80s were also poorly maintained, so only half of them could be considered combat-ready.

The T-80 is Russia’s main battle tank (MTB), built as the Soviet’s first turbine-powered tank. It has a GTD-1 turbine engine and weighs about 53.5 tonnes. In 1960, it was considered unreliable because of its 5TD diesel engine, but in 1967, its engine was upgraded to use the GDT-1000T. After further iterations (with a parallel version in the Ukrainian Army, the T-80UD), the variants retrieved in Kharkiv include the mine-plough with KMT-6 plough-type system and the KMT-7 roller-type system.

“They just left their tanks, artillery, special equipment, a lot of armor, and were just trying to save their lives,” a Ukrainian military official told Foreign Policy, speaking on condition of anonymity to provide an update on ongoing military operations. “They will be used against Russia.”