In a move that’s got the world sitting up straight, Spain’s plunged its teeth deep into the heart of military modernization.

They have recently struck a $2.2-billion pact with TESS Defense—not just a deal, but a declaration of intent.

It’s about giving the Spanish Army’s armored fleet a shot of adrenaline with the Vehículo de Apoyo de Cadenas (VAC), a beast developed by the defense company.

We’re talking about kissing goodbye to those aging TOA M-113s and rolling in the new titans of the terrain.

And it’s not just about the machines; it’s about fueling Spain’s defense industry with over 400 national suppliers gearing up to back this juggernaut.

signing of contract
Contract signing ceremony between Spain’s Ministry of Defense and TESS Defence representatives. December 26, 2023 (Image source: TESS Defence)

Mission and Might

The VACs aren’t just vehicles; they’re warhorses poised to redefine operational prowess.

Imagine a fleet versatile enough to tackle any mission thrown at them – anti-tank, heavy carrier, forward observer, you name it.

These tracked demons come armored to the teeth, with mobility that laughs in the face of obstacles and firepower that’ll have enemies running for the hills.

And get this – they’re wired with 5G connectivity.

It’s like strapping a rocket to the back of a cheetah, not to mention an advanced monitoring system ensures these beasts stay in peak fighting condition, mission after mission.

Technological Triumphs and Timelines

TESS Defence isn’t just playing the game; they’re rewriting the rules.

Leveraging their triumphs with the VCR8x8 Dragon, they craft these VACs to be modular marvels.

“The experience acquired by TESS Defence in the VCR8x8 Program and the resources and capabilities of its partners will enable the transfer of mature technical solutions, with agility, to allow the commissioning of the VAC in a short space of time,” the company wrote in its press statement.

It’s safe to say that they’re like the Swiss Army knives of armored vehicles, ready to transport, support, and engage.

The Dragons started flexing their muscles in trials back in ’22, and by 2027, these VACs are set to hit the ground, not just running but roaring.

TESS and its band of partners are hell-bent on getting these monsters out in record time, drawing from a deep well of defense wizardry.

Pizarro Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
An Austrian-Spanish Cooperative Development Pizarro Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle drives across during the Crystal Arrow 2023. (Image source: DVIDS)

Moreover, this isn’t just TESS’s show.

They’ve also got a posse – Indra, Santa Bárbara Sistemas, Escribano, and Sapa – each a titan in their field, all coming together to pump these VACs full of unmatched prowess.

In integrating the cutting-edge armored vehicle into the Spanish military’s arsenal, it is not set to step on anybody’s toes; instead, they’re joining alongside the revered Leopard 2E tanks and Pizarro infantry vehicles.

Together, they’re turning the country’s military arsenal into a symphony of destruction.

Conclusion: Spain’s Thunderous March Forward

The Vehículo de Apoyo de Cadenas (VAC) program isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution.

With a relentless drive for technological supremacy, adaptive might, and an alliance of defense giants, Spain is not just preparing for the future; they’re charging headfirst into it.

This venture is more than a contract; it’s a testament to Spain’s iron will, a vow to safeguard its soil, and a clear message to the world: the future is here, and it’s riding in on a VAC.