If you have been shooting for any period of time you have probably gone through a few different range bags before settling on one. Me personally, I have two different range bag setups. I have one for when I travel for firearms training and another for when I go to my local indoor range. This review is going to be on the smaller range bag and setup I use when going to my local indoor shooting range.

The bag I have chosen is the All Purpose bag by SPEC-OPS brand. I prefer a range bag to have some organization, but not too much. I take the minimalist approach instead of having a bag with a ton of pockets. It’s just easier for me to get to things quicker. The SPEC-OPS All Purpose bag does just that. It has only 3 compartments which is plenty for your daily range sessions.

The center pocket I use for my handgun, extra magazines, ear pro, and eye pro. I also keep some spare batteries for my ear pro.

The SPEC-OPS Brand All Purpose Bag
Center pocket loaded with ear pro and my Glock 17

The two side pockets are both full length pockets which maximizes storage capacity. In the one side I keep my boxes of 9mm ammunition. I’ve been able to easily fit several 50 round boxes of 9mm range ammo. In this picture I’ve got a few 100 round packs.