We’re always looking for an edge. That’s what Special Forces guys do, anything that will make your job easier, or yourself a little more comfortable, that’s the ticket, right? And having a piece of equipment that works, is tough, comfortable and the troops like is like nirvana.

Like I said in an earlier piece, in Special Operations, your boots and your feet are your lifelines. Depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing, will have a lot to do with what boots I’ll be wearing. About 10 years ago, while working in Morocco, I had a follow-on job elsewhere in the desert-type area and I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking on rockier, rugged terrain.

One of my buds there recommended the Merrell Sawtooth and it was a good,… no great piece of advice. As soon as my job was done over there, I came home and ordered a second pair, which remains with me today.

Although these are discontinued, they can still be found here and there on-line, so while they’re dying off, they aren’t dead yet.

I’ve taken these hiking over rocky terrain from “Purgatory” here in Central Massachusetts to the White Mountains and Appalachian Trails of New Hampshire and in the desert rocky environments of the Middle East as well as Mexico. They are good in a woodland type environment, in the mud, see the pic of rucking on a rainy, muddy day below but are at their best in a desert, dry, rough environment.


Another point in selection criteria was the fact that these can blend in well in an urban casual environment and didn’t stand out as a military type boot. While that may not be a big point for many guys, sometimes when trying to be as low-key as possible, wearing military boots isn’t the preferred method.