The Special Operations medics, officially known as Special Operations Medical Sergeants are an extremely valuable resource for the both the operational unit and the host nation’s military and civilian populace.

The popular depiction of a Special Operations trooper is that of a warrior diplomat. And no one epitomizes that better than the medics. In the Unconventional Warfare (UW) role, gaining the trust of the civilian populace is paramount.

The training is long and very difficult. The medic course MOS portion of the training pipeline takes about 50 weeks to complete. Medical sergeants specialize in trauma management, infectious diseases, cardiac life support and surgical procedures, with a basic understanding of veterinary and dental medicine. Both general health care and emergency health care are stressed in training.

Medical sergeants provide emergency, routine and long-term medical care for detachment members and associated allied members and host-nation personnel. They establish field medical facilities to support unconventional warfare operations, provide veterinary care, and prepare the medical portion of area studies, brief backs and operation plans and orders.