Special Operations troops from Ft. Bragg have the only airborne sustainment brigade in the US Army. And the 528th Special Operations Sustainment Brigade has a new home on Ft. Bragg.

The unit had been spread around the post but now occupies a 70,000-square foot facility, which is more than four times of the old one. The new headquarters is located in the new Yarborough Special Operations Forces Complex. Besides the 528th, it also holds units from the 3rd Special Forces Group and the 95th Civil Affairs Bn.

The brigade will furnish support in the areas of parachute rigging, logistical support, signal support, military intelligence and medical support for the Special Operations community according to the Brigade’s commander, Col. Lance Curtis.

Maj. Gen. James E. Kraft, commanding general of the brigade’s higher headquarters, the 1st Special Forces Command, said the headquarters was a “world-class facility” for “world class soldiers.”

He praised the soldiers for their efforts in support of Special Forces, psychological operations, and civil affairs troops. The 528th is the only sustainment brigade in the special operations community and the only airborne sustainment brigade in the entire Army.

The unit provides vital support to ongoing special operations missions and currently has about 125 soldiers deployed across 20 countries.

“Thanks for all you’ve done,” Kraft said. “Thanks in advance for all you’re going to do.”

This project is part of a huge overall plan to modernize and update the Special Operations community on base. It has been in the works for more than a decade in the making and allows with the demolition of the brigade’s old, outdated headquarters at the corner of Reilly and Gruber roads to make room for updated construction at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.