It’s hard to do justice where it is deserved especially when it comes to the guys from the WWII era. I would like to tell you about missions that dealt with inserting swimmers in the dark hours of the night in the Pacific behind Japanese lines. You know how it goes, the boat guys insert the Frogs, the Frogs blow something up and swim back, then the boats start blazing away and causing all sorts of mayhem and destruction. Death from the water. I would love to but it would be a work of fiction.

Interestingly the PT Boat’s did not do much with the UDT’s during WWII, so what did they do? My last article was about the SEAL water taxis and to follow up I decided to get into the history and tell the story of the BOAT GUYS, but what I was putting down wasn’t measuring up. This is SOFREP and we just don’t write term papers on tactics and opinions, we tell stories and give insights on what works and what is crap. We learn from each other.

With that, “SWCC ORIGINS” will start with the beginning ( torpedo boats ) and end with today’s crewman ( Grey Team ). What you won’t get is a rehash of Google and Wikipedia info but the down and dirty from the men who were there and done that. Check out the Loadout Room for detailed info on types of crafts, weapons and tactics used.

“Splinters and now even Slivers are standing the watch as we old coots who crewed the Mosquito Fleet disappear over the horizon in ever-growing numbers.” This coming from a WWII vet known as Jack Duncan a retired Gunnersmate Master Chief USN(R). I spoke with Jack over the phone and what a pleasant and interesting conversation, he could talk your ears off and you would pay to have him do it. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, most of my phone interview was mostly hearing his sea stories and how “spoiled” I felt just by having hot running water.