A-11 Type 44: Praesidus’ Most Authentic Re-edition Watch

As nostalgic and unforgettable as the 1940s comes the resurgence of the most iconic WW2 watch ever made. An everyday companion of the soldiers in battle, the original A-11 makes a modern comeback in the form of an authentic re-edition—the A-11 Type 44. The number 44 pertains to 1944 when it was produced. 

In efforts to retain the original watch’s design authenticity and consistency, our team has put a lot of hard work into the project. Praesidus has searched far and wide for the most precise components, collaborated with historians, and welcomed the suggestions of our community. 

Discover A-11 Type 44’s Authentic Components

To provide vintage watch lovers with a genuine wearing experience that takes them back to the 1940s, we perfected every part of the timepiece’s craftsmanship.

Case and Bracelet

Starting off with the case, we offer the A-11 44 in 32mm and 38mm sizes. The watch also sports the same Bonklip strap, which was very popular in the 40s due to its affordability. Available only in 38mm, it is priced at USD 595. It features a space link design and saves up on a good amount of metal compared to a standard bracelet. Straps in both canvas and leather options are also offered for both 32mm and 38mm sizes at USD 545. With three strap options available, you can interchange them to match your outfit and the occasion.


Akin to the original one, we also used double-domed acrylic crystal though its design and manufacture were a real challenge. The case is made of 316 stainless steel, while the caseback comes with polished deep engraving.


Powering the watch is a customized Swiss P024 movement, featuring manual wind instead of automatic and stop seconds for hacking. It also boasts a 40-hour power reserve.

Index Color Options

The A-11 Type 44 is available in two index color options. We went for the white “factory fresh” index coloration that the original soldiers would have had on their own A-11s. The other option is a faux patina index coloration, which mimics the actual patina effect that most of the surviving A-11s feature. This is perfect for those who want a watch that highlights the history behind it. 

How to Manually Wind the A-11 Type 44

Ensure that the crown is pushed down and not in the time setting position. Then, rotate it following the clockwise direction to keep the watch running.