Two Russian nationals have arrived in the United States, seeking asylum.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed the men arrived via a small boat on Tuesday in St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. The men were met why DHS officials and state police.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said, in a joint statement with Alaska GOP Senator Dan Sullivan, that the Russians landed at a beach near the village of Gambell and were initially taken into custody until the Customs and Border Protection collected them.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska (Source: TALK MEDIA NEWS PHOTO ARCHIVES/Flickr)

“We are actively engaged with federal officials and residents in Gambell to determine who these individuals are, but right now, we already know that the federal response was lacking,” Murkowski said.

The men have been flown to Anchorage for processing.

“The individuals were transported to Anchorage for inspection, which includes a screening and vetting process, and then subsequently processed in accordance with applicable US immigration laws under the Immigration and Nationality Act,” a DHS spokesperson told ABC News in a statement Thursday.

Though reports say they could not confirm “why” these Russians fled, there is a really high probability it is because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the recent mobilization of hundreds of thousands of troops.