I would be preaching to the choir if I told you how significant of a tool a knife is for EDC, go-bags, or survival applications. What I seldom see talked about instead are sharpening options for the field. Some argue that a field sharpener isn’t necessary because a quality knife shouldn’t dull so quickly between knife maintenance, but a field sharpener is a worthwhile insurance policy. If you carry a knife in case of an emergency then that should be reason enough to have a portable sharpener as well. A friend of mine highly recommended that I check out Spyderco’s Double Stuff pocket stones so I requested them to review. I have been nothing but impressed so far after following through with his suggestion.

Spyderco Double Stuff | A good field sharpener goes a long way


 Pocket Stone Double Stuff

$49.95 MSRP

Spyderco’s Double Stuff pocket stone is double sided, offering a medium-grit (brown) stone on one side and a fine-grit (white) stone on the other. Permanently joined by industrial adhesive, these stones create a versatile, compact sharpening tool that is ideal for touching up edges in the field. It comes with a protective suede carry case that doubles as a non-slip base during use and is easily cleaned with household cleanser, a scouring pad, and water.  

Made in the USA (Spyderco).

Spyderco Double Stuff | A good field sharpener goes a long way
Left: Double Stuff 2 with CBN side face-up. Right: Double Stuff medium-grit side face-up

Double Stuff 2 CBN/Fine w/ Pouch

$74.95 MSRP

Double Stuff 2 Spyderco’s Double Stuff two-sided pocket stone has long been the sharpening tool of choice for fishermen, outdoorsmen, and other knife users who needed a handy, versatile sharpener for touch-ups in the field. The Double Stuff 2 takes this time-tested concept and does it one better by combining an aggressive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive on one side with a fine ceramic stone on the other. This allows the quick, efficient sharpening of dull or chipped edges as well as the easy maintenance of well-sharpened edges in the field. To make the Double Stuff 2 even better, one long edge of each stone offers a radiused surface for sharpening serrations and the fine stone includes a longitudinal groove for fish hooks and pointed tools. Ideal for pocket, pack, or tackle box, the Double Stuff 2 comes complete with a handsome suede pouch. 

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is Made in China – Fine Ceramic Stone is Made in the USA (Spyderco).

My thoughts and review

The Spyderco Double Stuff is a high-quality, dual-sided pocket stone capable of sharpening all your knives and tools. Spyderco offers several pocket-sized sharpening stones, but the Double Stuff features two different grits. The beauty of these pocket stones is that they don’t require any water or oils to use, so it makes for easy field use. The Double Stuff pocket stones measure at 1” x 5” and weighs 2.4 oz by my measurement (3.1 oz including the suede pouch). These pocket stones are the perfect size to carry in any bag.

Differences between the Double Stuff and Double Stuff 2

The original Double Stuff is the more practical choice for most people. The Double Stuff has two different grit stones fused together with an industrial adhesive. The brown side is a medium-grit while the white side is a fine-grit. It’s a simple pocket stone, difficult to use if you haven’t hand-sharpened before, but is one of the better field sharpeners available.

The Double Stuff 2 is a new release from Spyderco. It features cubic boron nitride (CBN) in lieu of the medium-grit (brown) on the original. CBN is considerably abrasive, so unless your knife is unusually dull or difficult to sharpen, you probably won’t need to use it when sharpening your blade. The CBN is best suited for repairing damages or chipping along an edge. Think about if you have ever dropped your knife or accidentally struck a hard surface and as a result, the edge was damaged; the Double Stuff 2 was designed for these misfortunes. Therefore the Double Stuff 2 would be great for a go-bag or a bug-out bag, where there is an emphasis on survivability. The Double Stuff 2 also adds to its versatility by featuring a “radiused” edge on the stone to sharpen serrations as well as a groove on the fine stone for fishing hooks.

Spyderco Double Stuff | A good field sharpener goes a long way
The Spyderco Double Stuff 2
About the suede pouch

Each Double Stuff comes with a suede pouch which is more than just a nice-looking pouch to carry your pocket stones. The pouch acts as a non-slip base for your Double Stuff out in the field. You can lay your Double Stuff on top of its pouch on any flat surface, or even your thigh, and go to work. The pouch isn’t the best “platform,” but it does a good job of holding your stone in place when you’re in a field environment. Some users also claim to use the pouch as a strop. I personally have a field strop and don’t need to use the pouch as one.

The verdict

The good
-Small and lightweight package makes it easy to pack and carry
-Double Stuff 2 works particularly well fixing a damaged edge
-No water, oil, or lubricant required

Loadout Room approved knife sharpeners

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The bad
-The Double Stuff 2’s CBN and fine-grit are a big jump in grit rating

The Spyderco Double Stuff is a great field sharpener for all users. Whether you’re in the military, hunt, or use a knife for any field application, the Double Stuff is convenient to pack along with you. If you use your knife frequently out in the field or are just preparing for the worst, you should have a quality sharpener with you. The Double Stuff fits that bill; it is a lightweight, conveniently-sized, and effective sharpening system. This is my sharpener of choice for all my bags and whenever I find myself in the wilderness.

We enjoy hearing from our readers. If you have any experience with Spyderco products or other field sharpening systems, let us know what you think!

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