After the announcement and fall out of the Army’s Modular Handgun Competition we’ve been distracted by all the headlines.  From the new products that flew under the radar like the FN 509 to

It doesn’t get any easier to check your magazines

Glock’s incredible ability to not change much but call it new gun news has been busy since January’s announcement.  Meanwhile, in the rest of the world other manufacturers have been continuing on, some of them under NATO contracts such as Sarsilmaz.  The ST9 imported by T R Imports offers the features many shooters seek.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Sarsilmaz before, they’ve been in operation since 1880 and their 540,000 square-foot facility makes everything from revolvers to machine guns for military and law enforcement contracts delivered worldwide.

True fully-ambidextrous controls, adjustable steel sights, interchangeable back straps, translucent magazines, front slide serrations, and a market price of around $400.  Does it have your attention yet?  Here are the specs direct from T R Import’s website.