With all they advancements of AR-15s it’s easy to forget that the original intent of Eugene Stoner was to build a battle rifle, not an assault rifle.  The original design, the AR-10 was for the .308/7.62x51mm cartridge.  There are several reasons why that model was droped by the military and the M-16 was born, but those don’t apply to most shooters.  Today’s sportsman-shooter already has half a dozen AR-15s and is perhaps looking for something with a little more “boom” than “pew”.  It’s time to move to a bigger cartridge and the AR-10.

Because the AR-10 was never a military rifle there is no such thing as “mil-spec” and that can lead to frustration.  Stag Arms has built their Model 10S to accept aftermarket stocks, pistol grips, and best of all aftermarket triggers.  After first glance the conservative build specs seen below lead me to expect a well-built, albeit boring, battle rifle.  I was wrong.  Before we get into how, let’s look at those specs taken directly from the Stag Arms website:

Weight: 8.2 pounds