Today the United States of America as a whole lives a completely different lifestyle than our forefathers. Now I could reference all kinds of differences between now and then but in this article, I’m going to concentrate on one subject in particular. The subject that I’m referring to is a Warrior Lifestyle.

This is something that I feel we have moved away from as Americans. Make no mistake our country use to be a warrior culture. Our country was founded by warriors; men that took cold blued steel and fought to the death to build our nation. Their ideology was far from “let’s not offend” or “we might hurt people’s feelings”, etc.

Our founding fathers were rebellious and courageous. They were men of principle. Principals that they would give their lives to uphold. They were warriors in every sense of the word.

With those types of personalities at the helm, our country was destined to be a powerful nation. Throughout the years those principles and lifestyles have been diluted. Back in those days, everyone needed to know how to defend him or herself. Everyone needed to know how to catch and kill dinner. People needed to know how to sew clothes and wounds. They needed to know these things because that is what it takes to survive in a world that is unforgiving.

Now some would say we are blessed not to live that way anymore. Others “like me” feel we have wondered way to far from those principles.

I can tell you it is obvious to me especially when I get together for a family event or some other gathering and the big topic is the “new I Phone” or “Bob shot Par on the course today it must be that new driver of his”.

Yes, we live in a much different time than that of our forefathers. We are blessed that we are able to live this way because of the principles that our forefathers upheld. Today I believe we are starting to run out of the fat that we have been feeding off of for years. I believe our lifestyles have to change if we expect to continue to live with the freedoms and luxuries we have come to cherish.

One of the reasons I believe our country as a whole has forgotten a lot of our principles and core survival skills is technology. Technology has taken us to a whole different level. We have evolved with the times and much of it is necessary.