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When I think of the word bullpup, I think of the Steyr AUG. It has been seen in games, movies, and in militaries all around the globe. It is arguably the most successful bullpup design on the planet. Originally I was not sure how well I would like it since it is almost 30 years old now and people constantly hack away at it by calling it old and outdated. But I noticed that many of the AUG features are still desirable, such as the quick change barrel and the ease of disassembly. Many people will bash it for not having a place in today’s market of bullpups and “Hi-Tech” rifle designs, yet people still look to the AUG for inspiration when looking to design a modular rifle that is still reliable and will not lose zero when changing barrels.


When Steyr originally designed the AUG, they intended to replace many different types of small arms at once with one system that could fill different roles by simply pressing a button and swapping out the barrel.