The Steyr AUG is a legendary firearm that has been in service around the world for about 30 years. The weapon has served as a standard service rifle for many countries, and has seen them through several campaigns around the world. The design is still considered space age by some, and is generally misunderstood by most.

When Steyr began importing these rifles into the US, the rifles were made with semi-automatic triggers for civilian shooters. The trigger has often been regarded as “crappy” by the shooting community, which has become so biased and opinionated about what a trigger should “feel” like. I can tell you now that the only time a trigger can be considered crappy is if you wish to have a trigger that basically eliminates your need to learn the basic fundamental of pulling the trigger without disturbing the sights.

Personally, I find the AUG trigger to actually be better than the Tavor trigger. This is saying a lot considering that I have put a generous amount of time into the Tavor overall. The Steyr AUG trigger just seems to be more crisp and better overall. There is a way to improve the “feel” of it of course, and it is actually quite simple and a normal procedure for me.