The Steyr M9 has been around for years, but has gone unnoticed for the most part. They are only recently getting serious recognition in this country. I heard about them not too long ago and was interested to know more about the Steyr brand of pistols. Surely it couldn’t have been anything special since I hadn’t heard of them before, right? The more I read about them, the more the pistols called for me to adopt one. I finally got one in my possession and I have been very happy with it. This pistol conceals a few cool things within its humble and very broad appearance.



Steyr, the company, has been making iron weapons since as early as the 12th century with iron ore mined from the old Erzberg mine. The company began making a slew of weapons to include muskets and other firearms for the Habsburg Emperial Army after the Thirty Year’s War in the early 1600’s. That is not that long after Beretta got their start, if you think about it, yet Steyr is relatively a less known company when it comes to firearms manufacturing. Around WW1, Steyr was producing repeating rifles and semi-automatic pistols for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After WW1, Steyr had to turn into a car and bicycle manufacturer to prevent them from going bankrupt, due to the treaties which prohibited them from making weapons. Steyr did not see much production of weapons until the 50’s when the Austrian Army had a resurgence and needed to be supplied with weapons. As we all know, the 70’s was really the time that Steyr became a worldwide name in firearms manufacturing, with the manufacturing of the Steyr AUG. This design was revolutionary with its extensive use of polymer and is recognized as being the first widely fielded bullpup design. Though Steyr is not well known for its other weapons, it does not mean that they do not make some of the best guns you can get.

In 1999, Steyr came out with their first generation of M-series pistols. It has seen three total generations that have made minor improvements. Some improvements include a STANAG 2324 picatinny rail, a roll pin just below the rear sight, and an improved extractor that allows for more reliable and consistent extraction. Currently I feel that the design is darn near perfect and comes with every feature you need in order to perform well. But it isn’t quite left hand friendly unless the left hand crowd is already comfortable running right-handed pistols.


Normally I don’t really care what the packaging is like for any of my guns, but I found the Steyr M9 to have a very lacking setup. You are getting a nice, solid case that is lockable and has a nice logo imprinted on the front. The inside seems a little over-sized for what little you are getting with the gun though. You basically just get the gun, the extra magazine, a lock, and two keys for the safety that lock up the gun. No instruction manual, stickers, nothing. I found that a little odd, but then again, I don’t really mind too  much. I rarely stare at the manual I get with my guns, so there is no hard feelings from myself, but I still find it slightly odd.