About five years ago, I was doing some summer biathlon training and I had a race that consisted of running, kayaking, and standard prone/standing shooting. I was out of town and forgot to bring a water bottle for hydrating prior to and after the race. I felt unprepared and quite embarrassed for not having what I needed. I ended up borrowing a bottle from a friend, filled it with ice cold water, and headed off for the race. In another rookie move, I left the bottle on the front seat of my pickup on a 90 degree day.

The race went great and I finished in a much higher place and time than expected. I headed back to my truck knowing I would find some nice warm water to drink prior to my post race cool-down. I unscrewed the bottle and was pleasantly surprised the water was still ice cold. Over the last five years I’ve heard countless other similar stories. At the time, I had never heard of Hydro Flask and had no idea the bottle was even insulated.

If there’s one company that started the insulated bottle revolution, it’s Hydro Flask. There collection now comes in all shapes and sizes. From food containers, standard water bottles, to the highly coveted 64 oz. growler and True Pint, I haven’t found a line of products that keep your cold drinks cold or hot drinks hot for as long as Hydro Flask.

We had a chance to visit Hydro Flask at Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015 and see what’s new.

Below, Hydro Flask has some pretty awesome new products and holiday gift packs arriving that are definitely worth checking out.

Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015: Hydro Flask

Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask True Pint Holiday Gift Pack