The journey and evolution of tanks went a long way since the first one was created in 1916, known as Little Willie. Since then, designers and engineers have never stopped trying to make these trusty tanks tougher, bigger, faster, and basically more superior than the previous ones. In the conquest of trying to create the best tank ever, many strange and unusual designs have been produced, some of them steering away from the usual and common tank concepts that we’ve ever known. These were some of those that were actually built and built for specific purposes.

Praying Mantis Tank

If you think praying mantis is cute, then you might appreciate the Praying Mantis experimental machine gun carrier that was designed by a private developer for Britain during World War II. It was a private venture by E.J. Tapp of County Commerical Cars, with its design patented in 1937 while the construction of the prototypes began in 1943. The main purpose of the eccentric praying mantis design was so that the tank could shoot over walls and other obstacles or barriers while staying concealed.

The first prototype of the praying mantis. (

How the design worked was that it was able to lift its fighting compartment to 55 degrees max so that the tank’s two Bren guns armaments would be able to fire over the obstacle. Its lower hull and running gear was from the famous Universal Carrier, which used rack bending for small steering adjustments, and was part of its second and final prototype.

Two crew were needed to operate the tank: a driver and a gunner. Both of them would be located in the pivoting fighting compartment, which didn’t look comfortable. The Praying Mantis never really made it past its prototype stage and was canceled after unsuccessful trials in 1944.