Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there’s no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done. – Rudolph Flesch

Every human being has a varying degree of preference for one side of the body over the other. We also have one eye which is dominant in vision. When we shoot, this can cause some significant challenges. The right side of the brain controls the left hand and vice versa. If you can only shoot with one hand, you are a 180 degree creature in a 360 degree world. If you can only teach with one hand, you are half an instructor.

A recent study has determined that male left-handedness is about 11.6% and female 8.6%.  In ancient times, left handedness was seen as a mark of possession by the Devil.  Both of my ex-wives and mother are left handed so this Devil connection makes some sense to me.  The Latin word Sinistra means left handed.   This is the root word for sinister.  Dexter, means right or favorable.  So, ambidextrous means both right. About one person in a hundred is ambidextrous and has no preference.

In baseball, the ability to bat from either side makes a hitter a more likely to get on base. Pete Rose was a very successful switch hitter. In martial arts being able to face your opponent with either shoulder forward can give you an advantage reaching around your opponents guard. Boxer Manny Pacquiao uses left handed stance in the ring even though he is right-handed.

Most martial arts training encourages ambidexterity by requiring students to do the same number of repetitions with the right side of the body as with the left.  Strangely, shooting instruction often uses the same dominant hand except for disabled drills.

Eye dominance is the tendency of the brain to prefer visual input from one eye. When the dominant eye is opposite the dominant hand, this is known as cross dominance. Not only do women have different brains, they are more likely to be cross dominant.  Most women do not have absolute eye dominance. Many females experience an indeterminate eye dominance with both eyes fighting for control.  There is research which indicates that the ratio of right/left eye dominance changes with different sports.  This may indicate that eye dominance can be learned and changed.

Unlike the hands, both hemispheres of the brain control both eyes.  Each half of the brain manages a different half of the field of vision. Vision is a global phenomenon which involves the whole brain.

Brain Function Diagram
Your brain is processing information from two eyes. This creates an effect known as binocular disparity. This is sometimes experienced as seeing a blurred extra image a couple of inches to the side of the clear image. You experience this all the time, but your brain usually processes the extra image out.

There are differing degrees of dominance and a few people have no dominant eye. This is further complicated when one lacks of 20/20 vision in both eyes.