Security forces in northern Burkina Faso face deadly assault while aiding displaced residents.

In a tragic and devastating incident, Burkina Faso’s security forces suffered a severe blow as 53 members were killed during an attack by suspected jihadists in the northern region of the country.

This attack, which took place on Monday, left 17 soldiers and 36 civilian volunteers for the army dead while repelling the assailants, according to a statement released by the army general staff.

The unit targeted in this assault had been deployed to the town of Koumbri in Yatenga province, where their mission was to assist in the resettlement of residents who had been displaced from the area by jihadist violence over two years ago.

The attack also resulted in approximately 30 members of the security forces sustaining injuries. The army reported that several attackers were “neutralized” in a counter-operation, with their combat equipment destroyed. Ongoing operations are still in progress within the affected area.