Sweden has ordered new armored personnel carriers as part of a joint European research and development effort, making them the third country to do so, following Finland and Latvia. 

According to Finnish manufacturer Patria, the country’s Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) ordered a total of 20 6×6 vehicles on April 17 after joining last year’s multinational Common Armored Vehicle Systems (CAVS) program.

The “Pansarterrängbil 300,” as the vehicles will be known in Sweden, will begin delivery in 2023. The vehicle will be modular and configured for other military purposes, which include command and control or ambulance duties. It will be designed for troop transportation of up to 12 personnel.

According to Swedish news outlet SVT, Stockholm intends to purchase several hundred 6×6 vehicles through the CAVS program, set at a budget of US$1.06 million. 

The order was hailed as a demonstration of Finnish-Swedish cooperation by Patria and Swedish officials, as the engine and armor were developed by Swedish suppliers such as Scania AB. Meanwhile, according to Patria, Germany officially signed the technical agreement for CAVS on April 17, making it a formal project member, which currently includes Finland, Latvia, and Sweden. The state of Finland owns the majority of the company, with the Norwegian arms company Kongsberg also having a stake.

Latvia and Finland first signed a joint R&D agreement in 2020, followed by the CAVS framework agreement the following year. Riga has been receiving what will eventually be a 200-strong fleet of 6×6 armored personnel carriers since 2021, with deliveries expected to continue until 2029. Meanwhile, according to Patria, Helsinki began receiving pre-series testing vehicles last summer and plans to order 160 vehicles in total.

The Common Armored Vehicle Systems Program

The Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) program is a defense project involving Germany, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden, aiming to develop and acquire a new generation of armored vehicles that possess the necessary mobility, firepower, and protection capabilities for modern military operations. The goal is to enhance the abilities of the armies of these countries in terms of cross-border cooperation, standard logistics, and interoperability.

CAVS is an international collaborative program that aims to develop an armored vehicle system based on the standard requirements of the countries involved. The program is being implemented in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden. Patria’s 6×6 vehicle was previously selected as the chassis platform for the joint R&D program.

R&D work has resulted in a common platform and an APC variant that meet the program participants’ standard requirements. New countries are still welcome to join the program. Finland, Latvia, and Patria signed a framework agreement in 2021, allowing national procurement acquisitions in the CAVS (Common Armoured Vehicle System) armored wheeled vehicle program. 

The Army’s armored wheeled vehicle program (PSAJON2020) began in 2019 as a multinational collaboration activity with Latvia and Estonia. Last autumn, the program moved Latvia into the CAVS research and product development phase. The CAVS program aims to create a standard system suitable for the participating countries’ defense strategies that can be implemented and upgraded cost-effectively and adaptively. The new armored vehicles will have a practical yet flexible defense capability for various situations and threats, making it possible to operate with coalition partners seamlessly. Additionally, CAVS will reduce the costs and development time of the separate vehicle programs that the participating countries have started individually.

Big Win For CAVS As Sweden Joins The Program

Patria’s contract win with the Swedish Defense Procurement Agency is a significant accomplishment for the CAVS program, as it demonstrates the success of the project and the compatibility of the developed armored vehicles with the participating countries’ strategies. 

The Patria 6×6 offers high protection, mobility, and agility, making it an ideal choice for military operations in various terrains. As early as 2021, Patria expressed optimism on the prospect of Sweden joining the CAVS program, confident that the Patria 6×6 will meet the expectations and needs of the Swedish armed forces and enhance their vehicle capacities for everyday operations. 

Additionally, the contract further strengthens the partnership between Sweden and the other participating countries in the CAVS program.

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Is Sweden Getting Ready To Join NATO?















In his speech at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, last April 4, NATO Secretary General welcomed Finland as the newest and 31st member of NATO, then hinted at having Sweden join the international organization in July. 

Finland and Sweden applied for membership last May. In June, at our summit in Madrid, every ally invited them to join. And today, less than a year later, we welcome Finland as a full member of our alliance. I look forward to also welcoming Sweden into the lines as soon as possible,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

For his part, Finland President Sauli Niinistö echoed Stoltenberg’s sentiments that Sweden is a welcome ally in NATO and that his country’s NATO membership will be complete with Sweden also being a member.

“Last year, Finland applied to join NATO together with Sweden. As I have stressed, Finland’s membership is not complete without that of Sweden,” Niinisto stated.  “Our persistent efforts for a rapid Swedish membership will continue. I look forward to seeing Sweden join us as the 32nd member at the Building Summit in July,” the Finnish president added.