Amid rising inflation in the United States, the House Armed Service Committee has reportedly adopted a massive $840 billion defense bill which includes helping US service personnel get through continued rising consumer prices.

The defense policy bill is reported to be one of the measures that can tremendously lift those low-paid service members, especially in times of economic difficulty. The sweeping defense bill also included more support for Ukraine in terms of purchasing new equipment for the Ukrainian forces.

After 16 hours of continuous debate for the sweeping defense bill, the committee voted 57-1 in favor of passing their version of the massive bill entitled the “National Defense Authorization Act” or simply, “NDAA.” Notably, only Rep. Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, voted against the measure. For our non-military readers, the NDAA is an annual bill that dictates the Pentagon budget and how it is used for various defense and military-related policies and projects.

The bill has been subject to rigorous debate, with Democratic leaders sticking by President Biden’s plan for a 4% increase in defense spending for 2023. However, centrists and Republicans have also fought for increased spending amid rising inflation costs.