Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) started up back in 2001, producing quality tactical gear out of Imperial Beach, California.  While primary ownership changed when LC Industries purchased TAG, their commitment to producing 100% Made In America (and Berry Compliant) gear remains the same.  Today I’m writing about my experiences testing out their Everyday Pack in Multicam Arid.

Tactical Assault Gear | Everyday Pack Review

Weighing in at 19 ounces, the Everyday Pack seems at first like it is going to be light duty to match its weight: this isn’t the case. I started in using this as a range bag, but quickly found myself adding another rifle to the project and stuffing hundreds more rounds of ammo, a rangefinder and target setup gear to the contents of this pack.  Not only did it hold up just fine, it was much more comfortable than I’d expected.  This is in part due to the excellent strap design, also in part due to the molded back panel. Said panel kept sharp edges from jabbing into my kidneys while my shooting partner and I made our way across semi-passable terrain to a good vantage point to shoot from.

Tactical Assault Gear | Everyday Pack Review

As usual, the YKK zippers performed as well as their reputation would suggest.  Their quality and ho-hum reliability relegate them to a forgotten choice until someone else’s lesser brand fails when you have a bag full of gear.  With a total capacity of 1,160 cubic inches, that’s a lot of gear to dump on the ground.  The stitching is nice and straight across the board, with no evidence of corners cut or steps skipped.

The Everyday Pack is divided up into two compartments.  The main compartment, coming in at 1,000 cubic inches, and the outer pocket, coming in at 160 cubic inches.  There is also a sub-compartment within the main, allowing for a hydration bladder up to 100 fl oz.  Herein lies my only complaint about the Everyday Pack: the port where your hydration hose comes through the pack is just barely narrow enough for the hose to fit through.  If you have a vacuum lock on your hose like I do, you’re up a creek.  A small matter, one I could remedy with a pocket knife and the flick of a wrist if I needed to.

Tactical Assault Gear | Everyday Pack Review
a little snug

Made for everyday use, the Everyday Pack excels in that role.  Even when pressed into use for heavier duty tasks, this thing has held up fine and left me with no concerns as to its durability.  Available in multiple colors and camouflage patterns, the Everyday Pack is on sale for $79.99 currently.  Worth it.


This article is courtesy of Rex Nanorum from The Loadout Room.