Propper International shouldn’t be a new name to anyone who has served in any of the branches of the United States Armed Services. The company has been in business since 1967 and has produced just over 120 million garments for our servicemen and women. When a company has that sort of longevity and track record you know they are doing something right, so when they approached us about testing out some of their bags and clothing we were happy to help them. Among the gear they sent to us was the Propper Tactical Duffle Range Bag, a twenty-three inch long bag that isn’t just a range bag.

The bag has been well received by other evaluators and has even been approved and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association. The association has more than 40,000 members and has members who cover all aspects of law enforcement, corrections, and behavioral sciences. That’s a wide range of clientage and when the NTOA puts their stamp of approval on a piece of gear that carries a lot of weight with it, BUT does that mean that we here at web site will recommend it as well?

When we look at gear, especially range bags we are often times looking for a bag that can be used in dual roles. We love our range bags but often times we end up removing the range gear and need to be able to use that bag for trips to the gym or overnight trips. We kept that in mind when we began our evaluation of the Propper Tactical Duffle, will it fit into multiple roles when needed ? Well lets take a look at the specifications and the breakdown of the Propper International Tactical Duffle.

Image:Rick Dembroski
On the black bags the contrasting interior is gray. On other colors the interior is orange


 Manufacturer: Propper International

Model Name: Tactical Duffle

Model Number: F5623

Colors Avaialble: Black, Multicam, Coyote, Olive