The Tactical Tailor Active shooter bag and I have been having quite a bit of fun. I’m lucky enough to own a bit of property and have my own personal range. That means I really got to take it out and use it as necessary. Before we get to the shooting review let’s take a quick look at the bag itself. My first look went a little into this so check that out here.

The Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag is very well-built, I said that in my first look, but after a few weeks of use it’s still strong and dependable. I stored 8 loaded 30 rounds magazines in it for a short period of time and found the strap used to hold the gear was well made and extremely comfortable. A nice thick pad keeps the strap from digging in, and it genuinely reminds me of my M240 sling from Afghanistan. I said before I don’t think I need 8 magazines and I stand by that, but I wanted to test the strap for comfort and the bag itself for weight resistance. The bag held up perfectly fine, it didn’t even stress it.

The Dad Car

The Dad car also didn’t harm it, where one day or another the bag was hit with chips, juice, soda, it’s been kicked, stepped on, dropped, tossed between seats and god knows what else has happened to the poor thing. Even so, nothing has frayed or torn even slightly. The plastic buckles are still perfectly fine, as are the zippers.