On Wednesday, the government announced that 19 Chinese aircraft had been spotted in Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The Taiwanese government noted that this had been the second day of a considerable number of Chinese aircraft breaching its air defense zone. The defense ministry stated that 21 planes had been detected within the last day, part of Beijing’s ongoing military pressure campaign.

Taiwan has been voicing its discontent with the Chinese military’s increased presence surrounding the island for several years as China attempts to exercise its sovereignty rights over the region.

The Chinese government has defended its actions in the region, stating they are necessary to safeguard its sovereign borders and to caution the US against any cooperation with Taiwan. However, this has yet to be well-received by those in Taipei.

The Ministry of Defense in Taiwan reported that a squadron of 17 J-10 and 4 J-16 fighter planes flew into the southwestern area of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, a map of which was given along with the statement.

The J-10s, which have been operational for around twenty years, flew nearer to the Chinese shore than those of Taiwan, while the more modern and sophisticated J-16s flew in the vicinity of the Pratas Islands, which are held by Taiwan, as per the map.

Situated in the South China Sea, the Pratas Islands have minimal fortification and are strategically placed near many of China’s fly-bys.