As tensions continue to inch towards a boiling point, a Taiwanese security official said that any Chinese blockade offshore of its island would be considered an “act of war” and that it would not surrender.

China’s Blockade Will Be Considered “Act of War”

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and her administration have always maintained that they would prefer peace talks. Still, it would not let aggressors take the island easily and would defend themselves if attacked. However, the autonomous region has never specified what it considered an attack—hence the recent report by Reuters regarding a Taiwanese official’s declaration was rather unusual.

Strategists had first recognized the blockage approach on the island’s trading route in case Beijing decided to confront Taipei indirectly.

This was also previously stressed by Vice Admiral Karl Thomas last month, pointing out how China could avoid full-scale invasion, all while gripping Taiwan by its throat by blocking its import and exports.