Merrell Shoes

These Merrell’s have been all over the world with me. I’ve worn them on sub-zero winter hikes in Colorado, hopping coal trains in Kansas, hitchhiking everywhere from highway 101 in California to mountain highways in Italy.

I wore them in the hospital as my daughter was born, on the set of my first film, and in 44 states as I traveled the country in a van/house with my family.

I wore them as I renovated my first house, they were on my feet as I walked the streets of Oslo with my dad… and I was wearing them as I zipped up his body bag in the living room I grew up in. I’ve worn them so much that there are literally holes in multiple locations on the sole.

So, with an impending trip to a dangerous place… I finally had to order a new pair of Merrell’s. It’ll be hard to leave these in the closet, but they have served me well over the past eight years.

Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Oh, and those Darn Tough Vermont Socks that are stuffed into my shoes? I have had the same 10 pairs of them since they were issued to me back in 2007, and they are the only socks I’ve worn since. They’ve been every place my Merrell’s have been, and more. I had them on for every mission for my last three deployments, as well as the day I got married.

They say to take care of your feet; they’re what will carry you through life. Well, with a pair of Darn Tough socks and Merrell’s on, I’m not worried at all.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.