A convoy of a dozen foreign tourists including three Americans was ambushed and attacked by Taliban militants Thursday in a remote region of western Afghanistan, leaving at least six people injured, Afghan officials said.

None of the travelers was immediately identified, and the nationalities of the injured were also not known.

The group was travelling in a minibus with an Afghan army escort vehicle on a rural highway in Herat Province when they came under Taliban attack with gunfire and rockets. A spokesman for the provincial governor said that six of the 12 travelers were wounded, including one woman and a driver. He said none of the injuries was life-threatening and that they “seemed to be superficial.”

Efforts were underway to airlift the victims by helicopter to Herat, the provincial capital.The tourists included six British citizens, three Americans, two Scots and one German, the spokesman said.

Initial news reports of 10 foreigners killed in the assault were inaccurate. Officials at the Interior and Defense ministries in Kabul confirmed the basic account.

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Image courtesy of EPA