The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been known to be very resourceful, as revealed by their ability to mod weapons and equipment to fit their needs in the Donbas region. It seems they are not yet done with these mods. The Ukrainians are seen to be using modded e-bikes to carry NLAWs to destroy tanks in the sneakiest way possible.

Ukrainian e-bikes from Delfast have seemingly been supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the ability to carry NLAWs (and possibly Javelins) to help their troops bust tanks. You may know the Delfast e-bike for being the Guinness World Record holder for the greatest distance traveled on an electric-motorized bicycle on a single charge, traveling for 228 miles till it ran out of power. Their website also claims that it can go as fast as 50 miles per hour.

This is probably the reason why it was chosen to be modded, as it could travel the longest distance, at a decent speed, in any terrain with its Enduro 2.75-19 tires. More so, it has a 3G GPS navigation system and a pedal system in case the user runs out of battery while on the trails. It’s particularly known to have good suspension, which enables it to carry heavy loads. This is great news as the NLAWs, the weapon the e-bike was modded for, are 28 lbs and can be quite tiring if a soldier carries these over long distances.

The Ukrainians probably utilized these e-bikes for the following reasons. First, electric motors are silent, which means that they are suitable for operations wherein they could employ their signature “hit and run” ambush attacks. They could sneak within firing distance and get out of dodge before the enemies could spot them. For NLAWs, they have an effective firing range of up to 2,625 feet and a maximum firing range of 3,300 feet.

Second, it’s quite the crotch rocket for an e-bike. Some e-bikes can go just 20 mph, or maybe 28 mph, but this one goes 50 mph. If you ask me, that’s not at all bad, considering that a T-80 tank goes 50 mph. Plus, these bikes are nimble and agile, so they could definitely dodge and weave if they were spotted by these tanks.

But that being said, they still do have massive disadvantages too. The moment they’re spotted by tanks, drones, snipers, or even small arms fire, they’re in trouble. E-bikes are not armored, and even if they were, these little things would simply not protect the rider. More so, in the region of Donbas, where the terrain is flat, they would likely get spotted if they are not careful, so they will definitely need to stick to areas with high levels of vegetation. Furthermore, they could run out of battery, leaving the user stranded in the middle of nowhere. These things will likely be best used under cover of night so that they would be difficult to spot, much like what the Ukrainians did to destroy the 40-mile Russian armored convoy that was stuck a few miles out of Kyiv.

However, it is a cheap alternative to busting Russian tanks. At just $6,599 per e-bike and with NLAWs at $40,000 per unit, you can bust tanks for the (relatively) lowly price of $46,599!