If you haven’t seen the video of actor Keanu Reeves training with Taran Tactical for his role in the “John Wick” film series then you haven’t been watching the internet enough. The actor’s video quickly went viral as he ran through the paces of a quick 3-gun session just over a year ago under the training of Taran Butler. While the video and the reaction has catapulted Taran Tactical Innovations into the national media attention, many of us already knew the company and their full line of products, to include the one we are highlighting today. The Taran Tactical Magazine Extensions, that are available for several brands and models of pistols.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 3-gun competitor, a conceal carry weapons permit holder or just the run of the mill average occasional shooter, everyone likes the ability to hold more rounds in their pistol. The ability to do that in a way that doesn’t permanently alter your gun or magazine is in our opinion a primary concern. Taran Tactical provides shooters the ability to squeeze a few extra rounds into your pistol and add a bit of weight to the magazine to help in assisting the empty magazine to drop free of your pistol.

Photo: Rick Dembroski
Replacing plastic with Aluminum floor plates

Taran Tactical uses high quality anodized Aluminum and CNC machine technology to produce these extensions for twelve different models of pistols, and three varieties of rifles to include Sig Sauers new MPX Carbine. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that shooters can in some circumstances use their stock pistol springs with the magazine extensions. They also made the extensions in a way that all you need to be able to install them is a 1/16 Allen (Hex) style wrench and a flat head screwdriver.

Lets take a look at the run down of available models, prices and colors for the Taran Tactical Systems Magazine Extensions.


Maker: Taran Tactical Systems

Place of Manufacture: Simi Valley, California

Weight: approximately 1.6 oz